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Free Parent Q & A Event

Thursday, February 24th, 7-8 pm (Online) Program Leader: Lisa Bynoe-Stevens, Therapist

This is a free, online Q & A session for parents to learn more about the Human Strong Teen Girls' Program.

Human Strong is a Bayridge Circle of Care Company

Free parent Q & A Session

The Human Strong 13-Week Teen Girls' Program

Join Us for the FREE Online Parent Q & A: 

Your Opportunity to Learn More About the Teen Girl Program 

Hosted by Therapist, Lisa Bynoe, Stevens

  • Ask questions about the Human Strong teen girl 13-week program.
  • Brief outline of the program. 
  • Learn the benefits of the program for teen girls.
  • Learn how it will benefit the parent/teen relationship, teens' relationships with others (social benefits), and each teen's relationship with themselves (can increase in self-awareness and self-esteem).
  • Learn how the program can lead to positive peer mentorship.
  • Can provide a non-threatening way for teen girls to get answers about themselves and others.
  • Program is proactive for teens who may be reluctant to attend therapy.
  • Learn more about the curriculum that the program is based on.

A Note From the Program Therapist, Lisa:

From my counselling experience, including volunteer work (from 1994 to recent), teens rely on each other to obtain advice and guidance about life issues. They also rely on the Internet which also does not provide accurate info. 

More and more teen girls have been asking for counselling. In these sessions with me, they have been seeking help and advice for both themselves and problems that their friends and peers are experiencing.
Our mission of the Human Strong Teen Girls Program, is to provide a safe space that our teen girls so they can obtain TRUSTED & PROFESSIONAL mental health information and support for real life problems that they and their peers are facing. 

The Human Strong 13-Week Teen Girls' Program

The virtual group format is easy and accessible for teens to attend and fit into their schedules. They also can attend from the comfort of their own home, so more comfortable for many teens.

Our private, online program can provide opportunities for peer learning and sharing that has been tremendous, and has both augmented and enhanced the agenda.

Program Begins Thursday, March 24th, 6-7:30 pm and runs weekly for 13 weeks in a private online group.

What the Participants Will Learn in the Program:


Week 1: Who Am I?
Intro to the program and program rules, including group trust.
My role as facilitator.
Entire program goals and objectives review.
Questions from them.
Examining who they are, including feelings and beliefs and how to regulate emotions.
Week 2: My Life Story
  Examining and sharing their life narratives and journeys.
Making good decisions.
Their paths —Their Hopes and Dreams.
Week 3: Breaking the Silence
What others see in them.
What they see in themselves.
Silence and Self.
Week 4: The World Girls Live In, Support and Inspiration
What the world says about being female.
What they will say about being female.
What they have learned from each other.
Mutual support.


Week 5: Communication
How to connect through verbal and nonverbal communication.
Communication styles.
Week 6: My Family
What their families look like.
Healthy family qualities.
Interacting with parents.
Week 7: Friendship, Supportive Relationships and Abuse
The meaning of good friendship.
Healthy connections.
Sisterhood and support.
Defining abuse and effects, and how to handle the former.
Ending relationships.
Week 8: Sexuality
The meaning of love.
Getting accurate sexual information.
Social media and sexuality.


Week 9: Our Bodies
The body, mind and spirit connection.
Food, fuel, and feelings.
Body image.
Honouring body.
Week 10: Emotional Wellness
Emotions, including defining, expressing and regulating them.
Emotions and the body.
Week 11: Substance Use
Why use?
Saying “no”.
Substance abuse.
Adaptive vs. maladaptive coping with stress.
Changing habits.
Week 12: Spirituality
Finding the “Wise Woman”.
Rituals, imagery and meditation.
Appreciation and gratitude.

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community & trusted support for our teen girls


Limited Spots - 20 Maximum Participants

Human Strong 13-Week Program:

Girls Program Begins Thursday, March 24th
Weekly Online Sessions from 6-7:30 pm 

$180.79 per month for 3 months (Includes HST)
Total Program Cost: $542.37 (Includes HST)
  • Program open to teen girls 14-16 years old.
  • Program led by Bayridge therapist, Lisa, Boyne-Stevens.
Minimum number of participants required to run.


Our mission of the Human Strong Teen Girls Program, is to provide a safe space that our teen girls so they can obtain trusted & professional mental health information and support for real life problems that they and their peers are facing. 

Meet the Workshop's Therapist:

Lisa Bynoe-Stevens, Therapist and Seminar Facilitator

Focus: Adoption, Children, Couples, Individuals, Families and Blended Families.
"I have been in the social work field for over 30 years, and has enjoyed helping every person who has crossed my path. During those years, I earned a BA.Sc. from the University of Guelph, a Master's in Counselling from Tyndale University, and an adult education and training certificate from Algonquin College.

My first love is her counselling p‎ractice, established in 2007. I have proudly been part of the Bayridge counselling team since 2018 where I specializes in child, adolescent, young adult, couple, blended family and women's issues. My other passion is both creating and facilitating workshops (since 2018) that reach large groups of people, to change their lives for the better.”