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We Offer Custom Mental Wellness Services to Help You Create Amazing Company Cultures

Human Strong is a Bayridge Circle of Care Company

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47% of Employees Say They Are Unhappy at Work.  Research Shows That Providing the Right Wellness Support Can Positivity Impact Outcomes >>>

*Source: Hays Canada Recruitment Survey

Creating a great company culture can improve productivity, decrease health costs, and improve employee retention and recruitment. Learn how we can help.

Online Therapy Services and More - Mental Wellness Services Customized for Your Company's Needs 

  • Online Therapy Services
  • Resiliency Training
  • Neural Pathway Integration Brain Training 
  • Customized Wellness Video Content: Therapeutic Conversations & Human Stories Series
  • Wellness Groups for Adults, Teens & Children
  • Webinars & Specialized Online Groups
  • Mental Wellness Workshops

Beyond the EAP:
Resiliency & Therapeutic Programs

The average usage rate for EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) is less than 10%.  Many employees report that they are concerned about confidentially and feel they could be stigmatized if they reach out for help. Human Strong services are provided outside of the typical EAP and help employees feel more confident when accessing mental wellness resources.

Our Therapeutic Programs include:
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Trauma Programs
  • Neural Pathway Integration Program for Children & Adolescents: Behavioural Issues, ADHD
  • Neuro-Assessments: Psychoeducational, Geriatric, Brain Training

45+ Therapists, Registered Psychotherapists, and Psychologists 

Our strength is our team of dedicated psychologists, registered psychotherapists, corporate coaches, and social workers.  Human Strong is part of the Bayridge Circle of Care, which provides support through both intervention and wellness services to address a person's "whole life" needs. 

Strong People
Strong Culture
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Mental Health Services that are Based on Science

Custom Wellness Video Content and Series Based on Your Company's Goals

Dedicated Access to Online Therapy with 45+ Registered Therapists

Live Employee Events That Create Positive Company Culture Experiences

Resiliency Training Programs to Strengthen Against Future Challenges

Employee Services: Private & Confidential

We Support Strategic Leaders Through Our Corporate Wellness Partnerships

Ready to Boost Your Company's Culture?

Your Company's Culture

Improving the mental wellness of your employees – offering them  greater access to mental wellness services along with opportunities to increase their resiliency can improve thinking, decision-making, workflow, and relationships at work. All of these can translate to increased company productivity.


Higher Engagement Through Resiliency Training

It's More Than Just Mental Health Services. 

Human Strong Mental Wellness Incorporates a Research-Backed Whole Life Approach.

Being part of a group really helped me to open up.
I was really pushing my comfort zones and worked through my own pushbacks and walls.
I felt safe and supported. I didn't  expect to open up like I did. 
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Learn How We Introduce Mental Wellness Through Custom Corporate Content

The I AM NOT OKAY 13-Episode Series: Raw conversations about mental wellness, addiction, and anxiety with industry leaders from sports, media, the arts, healthcare and business.

THE POWER OF STORIES: We Start by Learning From the Experiences of Others

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The Bayridge Circle of Care incorporates all the elements to provide the best possible care for our clients. It includes Bayridge Counselling Centres, the Human Strong Learning and Wellness Platform, and Human Strong Wellness Content Production.