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Topic: Living with an angry family member



Wednesday, October 19th. 7 - 8:30pm (LIVE STREAM)
Led by Dr. Cathryn Harris, Registered Psychologist

Topics Covered

1. Understanding “Anger Mountain”: What’s going on in our Bodies

2. The Cyclical “Dance” of Anger: What’s going on in the Relationship

3. How to Interrupt the Dance: Taking a Time out and Talking it Out

4. When “Anger” is more than just Anger

5. Taking Care of Yourself

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RELATIONSHIP series: Living with an Angry Family Member

How this Workshop Can Help!

Are you tired of doing the "dance" of Anger with a family member or member of your household? This webinar can equally apply to dealing with adults, children, or adolescents and aims to give you some tools to cope with the anger that inevitably arises in relationships. In this livestreamed interactive webinar, I hope to help you understand anger from a physical point of view, how to identify types of angry behaviors and different reasons why people get angry, and how and when to intervene and diffuse the cycle of anger so that better communication and resolution have a chance to happen.

The one hour presentation portion of the webinar will include:

1. Understanding “Anger Mountain”: What’s going on in our Bodies
2. The Cyclical “Dance” of Anger: What’s going on in the Relationship
3. How to Interrupt the Dance: Taking a Time out and Talking it Out
4. When “Anger” is more than just Anger
5. Taking Care of Yourself

Dr. Harris will be available after this presentation to answer your questions on this topic.

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Meet the Workshop's Therapist:

Dr. Cathryn Harris PHD
Registered Psychologist

Focus: Individual, Couples and Family Therapy, and EMDR Therapy for Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, and Relationship Conflicts with Adults, Children and Adolescents; Corporate and Professional Consultation; Critical Incident Stress Management

For more than 30 years these have been my goals in helping people through the pain, trauma, and challenges that life inevitably brings. I believe it is how we respond to these universal experiences that shapes who we are and the direction of our lives. Trauma – no matter how it comes – keeps our brain stuck on repetitive responses and unhealthy choices. Change the response, and we change our lives!

Because of the way my brain works, I can’t help but integrate the principles of faith, human behavior, brain functioning, health and biology, and family and organizational systems that I have studied. Using these principles, and helping you understand how your brain works, we can discern the patterns and responses in your life and develop better emotional coping skills so that together we can bring about new choices and power to you.

One unique treatment approach available to you, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapy, can also help your brain get unstuck from the automatic emotional responses that keep us repeating the same behaviors and block us from using new information when we have experienced trauma. This is a simple but powerful psychological exercise we do in the office together to turn on the healing processes that your brain already knows.


These goals are possible, and my delight is helping people find the hope and courage to pursue them while providing a safe place to confront and overcome the damaging experiences that have kept us "stuck.”

I received a BA in Applied Social Science and Psychology from Concordia University, Montreal, and received an MA in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Biola University, California. I am certified in EMDR therapy, Critical Incident Stress Management, and the Amen Method for improving brain functioning. In addition to providing outpatient psychotherapy for over 30 years in private practice, I have experience as Clinical Director for a day treatment center for the chronically mentally ill and their families, and for a faith-based outpatient counseling centre. I have supervised MFT interns for over 25 years and will soon complete my certification as an AAMFT-approved Clinical Supervisor. I love training, teaching, and consulting, and have provided countless educational workshops and coaching to teachers, religious leaders, employers, managers and their organizations.

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