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Topic: Reclaiming Yourself After Narcissistic Abuse

Wednesday, May 25th, 6:30-7:30 pm (Online)
Led by Anita McCann, CSW, CCP, CPC, GPP, Counsellor, Bayridge Counselling Centres

  • Build Coping Skills
  • Understand the Underlying Factors that Leave Us Vulnerable
  • Moving on Without the Closure
  • Red Flags to be Aware of in the Future

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Recovering from a Narcissistic Break-Up

Most break ups trigger feelings of loss, grief and sadness. Recovery after a narcissistic break up is significantly more complicated and traumatic because of tactics commonly employed by the narcissistic partner and their emotionally crippling effect on the victim.
Note: Personalized therapy is best offered through a direct therapist-client session.

During this online workshop, we will be discussing the best ways to help you move forward from a narcissistic breakup.

We'll be discussing how to navigate recovery, which begins with;

  • Reclaiming Sense of Self
  • Building Coping Skills
  • Understanding the Underlying Factors that Leave Us Vulnerable
  • Moving on Without the Closure
  • Red Flags to be Aware of in the Future
  • Live, interactive workshop along with Q & A discussion led by a Bayridge therapist.

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Meet the Workshop's Therapist:

Anita McCann
CSW, CCP, CPC, GPP, Counsellor/Life Coach

Focus: Individuals, Couples, Family, Relationships, Marriage, Separation, Divorce Recovery, Parenting, Conflict Resolution, Self-Esteem, Communication Skills, Spiritual Issues, Stress and Anxiety, Social Skills, Life Transition, Life Skills
Anita is an avid believer that where you are is not where you will always be! Whether your struggle is with difficult relationships, pain from past hurts or finding your true worth and purpose, she firmly believes you can break free from destructive patterns, from insecurity and self-doubt, and create a better future for yourself.

Using spirit-led counselling and coaching, as well as solution-focused and strength-based strategies, Anita works with you to uncover root issues, discard negative patterns, and replace the mindsets and methods that are working against you.

Anita has over 12 years of extensive experience empowering individuals, equipping couples and families to restore relationships, learn effective communication, attain emotional and spiritual well-being, and find self-worth and confidence. Providing a compassionate, caring and encouraging environment, she partners with clients with an unwavering commitment to help them restore joy and peace in relationships, achieve their goals and reach their God-given potential.