Helping My Kid With Bullying

(Workshop Open to Parents & Guardians of Children)

Thursday February 23rd. 7 - 8pm
Led by Steve Wilding,
Registered Psychotherapist

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Parenting series: Helping My Kid With Bullying

How this Workshop Can Help

This workshop aims to equip parents with the knowledge to identify the various types of bullying, approaches to enhance openness in communication and safety with their child and learn about intervention tools and resources for handling an active bully.  

The workshop is live and will also feature a Q & A session at the end so you can ask specific questions.

We look forward to you joining us.
This workshop is open to parents or guardians of children. 

Child bullying is not a new conversation. It has existed as long as we can remember but continues to evolve into various types including physical, verbal and relational. One of the newest formats seen on the rise is that of cyberbullying. Continuous bullying shows a correlation to the rise in anxiety, low self-image, depression, substance abuses and suicide. 

- Learn what bullying is and what it isn’t
- Learn supportive communication approaches with a bullied child
- Learn about your rights as a parent to intervene and resources to support you
- Learn techniques to equip your child with appropriate responses to bullies
- Learn about the mental health impacts of bullying when your child may need      help
- Learn about cyberbullying and how to increase communication with your child    about their online interactions

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Meet the Workshop's Therapist:

Steve Wilding, B.A., M.A.
Registered Psychotherapist

Focus: Individuals, Children, Adolescents, Adults, Anxiety/Depression, Behavioral Issues, ADHD
"From the moment we’re born, we start writing the story of our lives. As we grow, we encounter situations and changes that shape our lives into our own individual journey. Everyone’s story is unique and not one life is the same as another. This personal experience is full of suspenseful moments, unexpected plot twists, and challenging obstacles.

I strive to offer a safe place where individuals can be heard, understood, and supported through these chapters of life. I am committed to working with you as you reflect on your story to help you identify the accomplishments, strengths and skills it already tells to assist in the obstacles of the journey ahead.

Reading back through our story, it can be easy to focus on the difficult chapters, but I also know that these challenges do not define the blank pages ahead. I believe that every individual has the strength and skills to persevere through their circumstances and make their story one of endurance and accomplishment. Your story is far from over and the journey has just begun.

With over 5 years working with children and teens, my therapy primarily centers around individuals who may be struggling with parts of their story including feelings of anxiety or depression, behavioral issues, ADHD, divorce and family issues, and other struggles that may arise.

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