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Topic: How To Survive My ADHD Kid!

(Free Online Workshop - Open to Parents & Guardians of Children)

April 9th, 7 - 8pm (Online)
Nathan Pillai, M.A. Psych., Director of Bayridge Kids
Sponsored by Bayridge Counselling Centres

  • Gain a better understanding of your child's behaviour.
  • Understand how to create ownership in your child's life and what this can do for them.
  • Learn where parents and caregivers can find support.
  • Learn some neural developmental techniques to help your ADHD child.
  • Reduce anxiety over poor grades by improving your child's impulsivity, focus and attention.
  • Share, discuss and meet other parents going through these battles.
  • Re-gain a sense of control in your life by understanding your child's power struggle.
  • Learn more about the Neural Pathway Integration Program for AHDH kids and teens.

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Parenting series: How to survive my adhd kid!

How this Workshop Can Help

Parents go through enough challenges already trying to raise kids in today's very different society, filled with social media, processed foods, and COVID/Post- COVID realities.  So, when their little "hell-raisers" have significant issues with focus, attention, and impulse control, parenting itself can become incredibly challenging, difficult, and overwhelming.   So, parents, are you at your wits end?

This workshop aims to provide parents with a deeper understanding of children with ADHD and will provide guidance and techniques to help parent these truly brilliant and "extra"ordinary kiddos. 

Parents will also have the chance to supportively communicate with other caregivers about their challenges in a safe and therapist-led group.

The workshop is live and will also feature a Q & A session at the end so you can ask specific questions.

We look forward to you joining us.
This free workshop is open to parents or guardians of children. 

What is ADHD?
A lot of parents struggle with this question. They’ve been told by either a teacher or a doctor that their child has or may have ADHD. What’s important here is to not get hung up on a label but rather look at the symptoms. It is an inability to focus, concentrate effectively, have sustained attention, or have sustained self-control (always on the go or fidgeting/squirming). This can be more challenging in low-stimulation environments such as the classroom.

How it Makes You Feel as a Parent?
  • Create arguments over stupid, silly things and feel guilty because their child brings out the worst in them
  • Parents feel bad because they get so angry.
  • Feelings of love and closeness seem to be lost memories

How it Can Affect Your Family:
  • Erupt in arguments over tasks not done
  • Be in constant power struggles
  • Be in chaos
  • Seldom have fun
  • Constantly reminding the child
  • Create arguments over stupid, silly things

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Meet the Workshop's Therapist:

Nathan Pillai
M.A. Psych.
Director of Bayridge Kids

Focus: Families, Children and Teens, Anxiety/Depression, Behavioral Issues, ADHD
I take a “whole”istic approach to helping children, adolescents, and families, where understanding the problem and developing treatment protocols look beyond what is seen in a presentation of a client, but rather to the environment around them and their unique understanding of it.

I have worked in the healthcare and mental health fields for the last 10 years including addictions therapy, adult, youth, and family counselling, trauma surgery, transfusion medicine, medical research, and healthcare manufacturing. These diverse but targeted realms of experience have produced my holistic approach to helping children and families.

Ultimately, I look beyond the usual checklist of problematic behaviours, focusing on the whole story and what exactly is happening in an individual’s life and how they are integrated into their personal environments. Whether a paradigm shift in parenting or a program to improve behavioural problems is needed, I find great satisfaction in making the goals of a family or child a reality.

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