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Being a Successful Mixed-Race Couple

Leader: Lisa Bynoe-Stevens, Therapist

2 Session Online Workshop
Friday, March 24th, 7pm - 8pm
Saturday, March 25th, 10:30am -11:30am

Paid Workshop for Couples

Human Strong is a Bayridge Circle of Care Company

Live stream event

Cross Cultural Couple Enrichment
Be a Successful Mixed-Race Couple

Hosted by Therapist: Lisa Bynoe-Stevens

How can this Workshop help us?

In this workshop, our goal is to provide a validating forum to be "real" about the challenges that cross-cultural couples may and have encountered.

This validating forum aims to teach and discuss relevant issues with other cross-cultural couples.

We will recognize and validate successful overcomers of such difficulties, while discussing and identifying areas of strength in their cross-cultural couple relationship.

Our therapist, Lisa, will also discuss strategies to overcome areas of struggle in these relationships.

Where will the workshop take us?

Interracial Couples
Increase Awareness of their Strengths
Overcome Issues
Develop Strategies
Areas of Weakness
Cross-race and Cross-cultural Issues
Conflict resolution

Meet the Workshop's Therapist:

Lisa Bynoe-Stevens, Therapist and Seminar Facilitator

Focus: Adoption, Children, Couples, Individuals, Families and Blended Families.
"I have been in the social work field for over 30 years, and has enjoyed helping every person who has crossed my path. During those years, I earned a BA.Sc. from the University of Guelph, a Master's in Counselling from Tyndale University, and an adult education and training certificate from Algonquin College.

My first love is her counselling p‎ractice, established in 2007. I have proudly been part of the Bayridge counselling team since 2018 where I specializes in child, adolescent, young adult, couple, blended family and women's issues. My other passion is both creating and facilitating workshops (since 2018) that reach large groups of people, to change their lives for the better.”